Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fear of flying

  • Life imitates art! Jennifer Aniston apparently freaked out and demanded to get off a transatlantic flight minutes before it took off.

    Aniston was supposed to be flying back to LA from London, where she'd been spending time with Ross David Schwimmer.

    I hope she went straight to his apartment and wept "I got off the plane" before collapsing into his arms. That would make my life complete.

  • Jennifer Lopez realises what we've all known for years. She's banned a film about the recording of her new album because she "hated the sound of her voice"

  • But self-delusion continues as normal for Daniel Bedingfield, who believes his shitpot second album flopped because he's not getting any skirt.

    No, dear, it's because the record stank like a skunk in a binbag.

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