Friday, May 20, 2005

Buy my ringtone

What is the most popular thing that kids say these days? The catchphrase-du-jour, if you like?

Why, of course, it is:
"Dit dit dit, dah, dah, dahhhhh, brring, brrring, dit, dit, dit, dah, dit, brrrm, brrrm, nelaeooooowhm dit, dit, dit.


Inane, isn't it? Although it's really no worse than constantly shouting "Crackerjack" (Crackerjack!!!!!!!!!) at your mates in the middle of maths class.

But those adverts with the so-called 'Crazy' frog. Jesus H Christ are they irritating. Everyone agrees. Even the man who wrote it.

Someone on the internet hates it so much they've come up with a (momentarily hilarious) parody.

Unfortunately, it will end up being just as annoying and repetitive as the real thing. Bastards.

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