Thursday, May 5, 2005

Blood on the court floor

So, the first half of the Jacko trial is shuddering to an unsatisfactory close. It looks fairly certain that the prosecution can establish reasonable doubt in the jury's collective mind, although they're heading for a fall if they call Liza Minelli as a 'character witness'. They may as well get Michael to take the stand dressed as a clown (not an entirely unlikely possibility, when you think about it).

Whatever you may think of the trial, Eugene Robinson makes a good point in the Washington Post:

"If half of what the prosecution witnesses say about Michael Jackson is true, he deserves to go to jail. But so do some of those witnesses. Once the whole lot is behind bars, the rest of us ought to work on taming the monster of celebrity before it devours us all.

  • Washington Post: Adoration's Price(registration required)

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