Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Number Song

One of Hip-Hop's key texts, "Endtroducing" by DJ Shadow, is getting the special edition treatment.

A new bonus disc will augment the album with edits, remixes and demos. Of particular interest is the unreleased extended version of "Organ Donor" which was a massive club favourite just under a decade ago.

One of the stand-out tracks on the original album is "The Number Song", which contains hundreds of cut-up samples of people counting. I have no proof, but I reckon that at least some of these originate from the mysterious "Number Stations."

Number Stations are shortwave radio stations that broadcast streams of numbers, letters, or words. They appear and disappear continuously, and the assumption is that they have something to do with the secret service.

If you want to hear some examples (and perhaps spot DJ Shadows sample library), head over to The Conet Project.

  • Billboard: DJ Shadow Expands 'Endtroducing'
  • Wikipedia: Numbers Stations
  • The Conet project

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