Monday, April 11, 2005

Destiny fulfilled?

Ever wanted to fiddle with Beyoncé? Well, now you can!

Presenting the Destiny's Child doll set!

Re-enact your favourite moments in pop history with Beyoncé, the other one, and the one who did that song with Nelly! Yours for just $69 (plus p&p)!

But remember kids, you won't be able to buy the dolls seperately. Because the DC stick together. Like in that song from the Golden Girls.

Kind of.

Because Beyoncé's doll is available individually.

And don't you think her is the only figurine that actually looks like the person it's supposed to represent? I mean, it's hard to tell because the other two are standing in the shadows, but surely that's just a simple mistake, right?


  • Destiny's Child 3 Doll Set


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