Monday, April 4, 2005

Close, Closer, Closest

Look carefully at the picture from "Closer" on the right. What is Jude Law thinking?

Is it:
a) You're sad, and I'm angry
b) What are the words to "Es waren drei Gesellen?"
c) What's that squirrel doing over there?

Bizarrely, it could be either a or b - depending on where you bought your copy of the film. In China, the man who translated the subtitles for the DVD seems to have made up the plot as he went along.

In that version of the film, Jude Law's character becomes a German Folk-singer, liable to interrupt conversations with random phrases like, "I have a strange friend. A homosexual".

Further translation over at Sinosplice.

  • Sinosplice: Closer Subtitle Surrealism

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